Product: Integrex

The latest version of Mazak’s flagship INTEGREX i-series range. It is equipped with additional bed length for machining long complex workpieces, with the benefit of reduced interference between the turning and milling heads.

  • The INTEGREX i-500 is the largest member of the "INTEGREX i" series with the maximum machining capacity of φ 700mm.  It is equipped with a high output, high torque main spindle and the newly developed compact milling spindle head which is smaller than comparable machines to provide a larger machining area.
  • Higher accuracy is ensured thanks to all machine units designed with the maximum rigidity and the standard equipment high-precision scale feedback system for the B- and C-Axes.
  • The machine design focus on ergonomics provides exceptional ease of operation and maintenance with features such as convenient tool magazine access at the front of the machine and the wide and low front door opening for excellent accessibility to the machining area.
  • The wide range of specifications available for the main spindle, second spindle and milling spindle and other machine units make it possible to select the most suitable specifications to meet the production requirements of a wide variety of industries.

Main spindle chuck size 10" through-hole chuck / 12", 15", 18" through-hole chuck(Option)

  • Available factory automation equipment such as a high-speed gantry robot which can be located at either the left or right side of the machine and floor mounted articulated robots can be used for unmanned operation.

Machine specificaties

1500 mm Bed (Universal) Waardes
CAPACITEIT : Klauwplaatdiameter hoofdspil 15 "
Diameter hoofdspindel 15 "
Max. draaidiameter (bovenste revolverkop) 700 mm
Max. draaidiameter (onderste revolverkop) 490 mm
Max. stafdiameter (hoofdspil) 116 mm
Max. stafdiameter (subspil) 116 mm
HOOFDSPIL Max. toerental 2,500 min-¹
Motor vermogen (40% ED) 37.0 kW
Subspil Max. toerental 2,500 min-¹
Motorvermogen (40% ED) 37.0 kW
Aangedreven kop Max. toerental aangedreven gereedschap 12,000 min-¹
ONDERSTE REVOLVERKOP Aantal gereedschappen 9
ASSEN X-as 845 mm
Z-as 1,640 mm
Y-as 430 mm
B-as 240° (-30° ~ 210°)
X2-as 265 mm
Z2-as 1,373 mm