Product: Laser

Direct Diode Laser combines high performance with cutting-edge laser technology

  • Productivity is increased by 15% in workpiece high-speed cutting thanks to the DDL Resonator.
  • The Multi-Control Torch and the variety of Intelligent Functions provides exceptional ease of operation and the optimum machine efficiency.
  • New MAZATROL PREVIEWG Large 19” touch screen with operation similar to your smartphone or tablet.
  • High rigidity machine construction plus high speed acceleration performs high speed cutting.

Machine specificaties

4.0 kW Laser Values
Machine Specificaties Max. werkstuk grootte X-Y 1525 mm x 3050 mm
Tafel hoogte 900 mm
Ijgang X,Y 3110 mm x 1595 mm
Z-as ijlgang 110 mm
X-Y dwars voeding 120 mm
Max. Z-as voeding 60 mm
Positie nauwkeurigheid X-Y +/- 0.05 / 500 mm
Positie nauwkeurigheid Z +/- 0.01 / 100 mm
Repeteer nauwkeurigheid X-Y-Z +/- 0,03 mm
Gewicht Systeem 16,500 kg
Laser Generator Specificaties Vermogen 4 kW
Vermogen stabiliteit +/- 2%
Laser straal frequentie 975.00 µm
chiller systeem reservoir 90 L
Control Specificaties Naam MAZATROL PreviewG
Geheugen opslag 16 GB
Programma opslag 1 GB
Minimum input 0.001 mm
Pallet specificaties Max. werkstuk gewicht per pallet 930 kg
Max. laad hoogte van het werkstuk 30 mm
Max.werkstuk grootte X-Y 1525 mm x 3050 mm
Aantal palletten 2
Materiaal Specificaties Welving 3 mm
Hoek 6 mm
Vlakheid 2 mm

6.0 kW Laser Values
SPECIFICATION DATA For further information about this product: NLD Please contact your local Mazak representative using the contact link above.